Our products are organic, grown with love, and specially formulated to work with your body to achieve balance and homeostasis.

Herbal Medicines on the Go

Wellness Warrior is compirsed of a team of dedicated herbal practitioners committed to bringing the power of herbs and their essential oil counterparts to our clients, students, and customers. We provide an all-organic line of products that are free of GMOs and don't contain any additives. Our products are sourced globally in the land they indigenously grow, then are hand-crafted in coastal North Carolina.

We are proud to offer herbal medicines that can be used for primary medical care, first aid, during wilderness experiences such as mountaineering, climbing, hiking, and camping, and in post-disaster/remote areas where reliance on the plants around us may be the only avenue of survival.  We anticipate during emergent situations, reliance on plant medicine may be difficult to impossible for someone with little to no plant medicine experience, so we offer educational programs and community herbal medicine/field clinics to adequately prepare you before an event takes place.  But we don't stop there. We believe in preventative measures so all of our products can be used in the home as a primary source of wellness care.  We take the time to specially formulate products for all ages.

We partner with Wellness Warrior Foundation, a 501c3, non-profit public charity providing herbal medicines as a means of creating self-sustaining communities at a global level. Our global mission has us currently working in Uganda, Africa on The Eden Project.

We're glad you're here! We hope you find this site to be a resource for your herbal and essential oil needs. Please contact us if there's anything we can do to help you on your journey!




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