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Territory Sales Manager - Colorado, Herbalist

Chris Lewis is a master herbalist in Littleton, Colorado and joins our team to support customers in the Colorado area.  Chris' experience in herbal medicine is valued deeply by our organization!  He's the brains behind Basic Herbal First Aid, an e-book offered to our customers to assist with a hands-on presentation of how to use and prepare herbal medicines.

Chris has been invaluable to Wellness Warrior as he's launched our product line on Amazon!  Did you know if you shop you can support Wellness Warrior Foundation with your purchase power?  That's right - and it never comes out of your pocket.  Amazon makes a donation directly to our Foundation with a percentage of each purchase made when you choose Wellness Warrior Foundation as the non-profit you want to support! 

Click here to access the page that Chris has worked so hard to create.


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